Fireline Meals for firefighters and emergency service professionals


Trekker Meals for Backpackers, Hikers and Cyclists
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Trekker’s Trail Magic meals are Now Available!!!

Nourishing & Balanced

Field Appropriate Rations

Enjoyable, Ready-to-Eat Meals

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For Emergency Service Providers & You!
Optimal for wildland firefighters, structural firefighters, search and
rescue personnel, dive rescue personnel, disaster response personnel, as
well as hunting, fishing, camping and backpacking.

  • Coyote Camp is the Firefighter’s Ready-to-Eat Meal.
  • Coyote Camp is the SAR Specialist’s Meal-Ready-to-Eat.
  • Coyote Camp is the Disaster Response Team’s Field Ration.
  • Coyote Camp is the Sportsman’s and Backpacker’s ideal meal.
  • Coyote Camp is the Hurricane Preparedness Ideal Meal.
  • Coyote Camp is the Disaster Preparedness Ideal Meal.

Proud to offer Werner Beef Jerky, Clif bars and Emergen-C Electrolyte Replacement. Take a look at these offerings. Check our prices! We are pleased to further provide for your field nutritional needs with these outstanding products!
Try ‘Em —You’ll Like ‘Em!
Easy Pack. Ready-to-Eat. Nutrient Dense.

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New Products for 2008: Clif Bars, Odwalla Bars, Tanka Bars, Gary West Meats, Emergen-C
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