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Fireline Chow for Firefighters and Emergency Service Professionals

Coyote Camp! By Emergency Service Professionals For Emergency Service Professionals

Coyote Camp Trekkers Trail Magic 08When You Want To Satisfy Your Crew

On emergency events, Tired People Make Mistakes. It takes more than calories to fuel a hardworking crew; the folks at Coyote Camp know that. In addition to burning calories, firefighters, search and rescue specialists, dive rescue personnel, disaster response teams and emergency service crews also burn carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Of course, there is also the huge amount of sweat we all generate during strenuous work. Replenishing our bodies during and after these operations is vital to maintaining a strong crew. Whether you’re a firefighter, a SAR Specialist, a diver or an IC, we must all think beyond just donuts and coffee to sustain ourselves and our crews. We must think balance and nutrition. As many people now recognize, it takes more than empty calories to fuel sustained emergency operations — safely.

Since 1997 Coyote Camp has been here to help you complete your operations. Our mission statement is very straightforward: To provide nutritionally balanced, field appropriate, enjoyable, ready-to-eat meals and rehab product to wildland firefighters, structural firefighters, search and rescue personnel, dive rescue personnel, disaster response personnel, and all other emergency service providers in the public and private sectors whose mission is the protection of lives and property.


Coyote Camp is your One-Stop-Shop opportunity for field-ready food products. Whether you’re a Fire Fighter, USAR Specialist, SAR Member, Dive Rescue Member, Law Enforcement, or Outdoor Enthusiast and Recreationist, Coyote Camp would like the opportunity to help meet your nutritional needs while you’re in the field. How do we do this? By offering a variety of high-quality, ready-to-eat products in sizes that fit readily into your line gear, pants or shirt pocket, or pack —products that are delicious, that many of you are familiar with, and that are nutritionally clean-burning. Your body knows what to do with these excellent foods.

For The Long Haul

Coyote Camp Fire Line Chow – are Meals-Ready-to-Eat. Coyote Camp MRE’s provide higher caloric and other nutritive food values for Firefighting activities, Search and Rescue events, and a host of other Emergency Service applications where quality field rations are a must have. Balance is what the long haul in all about in almost everything we do. At Coyote Camp, balance is our chief consideration when developing and building our meals. We all know what happens to our equipment when it is poorly maintained; poor performance! The same is also true of the human engine. Whether you’re working a heavy load, pulling an initial response or running an extended operation, it makes sense to look for a balanced meal, thereby optimizing your mental and physical capabilities.

Coyote Camp Caveman Meals 01Where Rubber Meets the Road

Coyote Camp Meals are designed by firefighters for use in firefighting environments, SAR Events, and Disaster Relief efforts where quality, variety, and versatility count!

  • Coyote Camp is the Firefighters Ready-to-Eat Meal.
  • Coyote Camp is the SAR Specialists Meal-Ready-to-Eat.
  • Coyote Camp is the Disaster Response Teams Field Ration.

In each Coyote Camp Meal you will find balance. We make sure that in each meal you are averaging 1,100 to 1,400 calories of diversified nutrition. Those calories are distributed among the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars and fiber your body needs to function at its best. That’s what good, quality fuel lets you do; optimize your mental and physical performance on the job. That’s Coyote Camp! We’re proud of that fact. But we don’t stop there. We want to ensure the complete replenishment of the crews, officers, and folks we feed. That is why you will also find electrolyte replacement and multiple vitamins in each meal to round out your nutritional intake. Call it “going the extra mile.” Most of us know what that’s like and what a difference it makes. Coyote Camp, originally developed for use on wildland fire events, is marketed by experienced firefighters who love their time on the line every bit as much as the next emergency service professional. We know the difference between good chow and bad chow; good fuel and bad fuel.

Meal Versatility

At Coyote Camp not only do we pay attention to the importance of balance, but diversity as well. After all, performance field meals should be enjoyable! That’s why we offer 24 different menu options, including vegetarian and breakfast options. We have found that Coyote Camp Meals experience a higher consumption value than standard MRE’s. This means that folks tend to eat more of what’s provided in each meal pouch-maximizing price point and minimizing waste.

We satisfy a variety of tastes by including 9 different meal components within each meal, selected from dozens of different component options. That makes for some fun and interesting trade-out options. Are Coyote Camp products appropriate for non-Emergency Service providers? You Bet!! Many other people engaged in various endeavors and/or professions find that Coyote Camp products will suit their needs ideally. These people may include outdoor enthusiasts, field engineers, utility linemen. Anyone who engages in outdoor events, away from urban amenities will find Coyote Camp products integral to their activities.

Best Bang For Your Buck

Coyote Camp Meals are popular among firefighters for very good reasons. At Coyote Camp, we recognize the importance of competitive pricing and budgetary considerations. Competitive pricing is one of the goals we strive to maintain at all times, no matter what the food market is doing. In fact, Coyote Camp Meals are VERY price competitive with the military MRE’s available through GSA. Check it out. You’ll see. We want to make sure that you, the public safety professional, are getting the most for your dollar. Ounce for ounce, meal for meal, we hope you feel the same. Because we are committed to balance, we feel Coyote Camp meals offer you the greatest value for your dollar, exceeding on multiple levels the quality of many MRE’s commonly available on the market.