Coyote Camp Fireline Chow

Fireline Chow for Firefighters and Emergency Service Professionals

Firefighter Meals

Firefighter meals ready-to-eat are designed for the higher caloric energy outputs required of firefighters and emergency service professionals in the field, actively engaged in arduous working conditions. Very filling and satisfying meals.

Our ready-to-eat meals contain a rotating variety of over 30 different beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian entrees.

Coyote Camp is very pleased to offer our newest Meal Line – Introducing the Coyote Camp Day Ration/24 Hour food Pack!

Coyote Camp is also pleased and proud to add 2 New Meal offerings to our meal line up — The Jet-Pac Fire Line Meal and the Jet-Pac Adventure-Traveler Meal.

Take a Look! The folks at Coyote Camp are now offering a “Build Your Own Fireline Meal”.

Check out the product description and meal specs below for more detailed info. Gift certificates are available for any Coyote Camp products.