Frequently Asked Questions About Coyote Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Coyote Camp/What does Coyote Camp mean?

Coyote Camping is what Fire Fighters do when they are at a remote location relative to a Fire Base Camp and want a place to eat and/or rest that is close to the Fire. When a Fire Crew opts to set up a Coyote Camp, it usually entails the Crew “scratching out” a small clearing down to mineral soil in “the Black” (an already burned area) using their hand tools, yet close enough to “the Green” ( an unburned, but fire-threatened area) that they can respond to a fire threat quickly and safely.

2) What is the Shelf-life of Coyote Camp Meals?

We put 12 months on our meals. Though many of the components we use in our meals exceed this time period, we hold to the 12 months.

3) How do you choose the meal components you use in Coyote Camp Meals?

We greatly enjoy researching new meal components to use n our meals. Critical criteria for us are relative heat/cold tolerance, packaging, low susceptibility to damage, nutritional value, and of course, great taste. We want to use products that you’ll enjoy eating.

4) Do you offer any special discounts?

Yes, we do. On our website, you’ll see that we offer a 10% discount on 5-pack cases. For pallet-sized orders of 36 cases or more, please call for a quote on additional discounting.

5) Do you drop-ship your products?

Yes, we do. If you’re a Distributor or a Retailer and would like to purchase a product for shipment to another location for another customer, we will be glad to do so. Please contact us at info-sales@coyotecamp.com or phone us at 970.224.0651to arrange for purchasing and shipping.

6) Are your Meals tolerant of hot and cold temperatures?

Yes, they are. We’ve field- tested our meals for the last 12 years. We’ve found our meals hold up quite well over the course of freeze-thaw cycles during their shelf-life. However, as with any MRE food product, optimal storage temps for our meals are 35-75 degrees F.

7) Do you offer Custom Meals?

Yes, absolutely! If you have a meal idea in mind that we currently do not offer, contact us at info-sales@coyotecamp.com or phone us at 970.224.0651. Tell us what you have in mind. It would be our pleasure to customize a meal product to fit your needs.

8) Do you ship Overseas?

Yes, we do. We often receive inquiries about product shipment to other countries. Shipping to destinations outside the Continental US is more expensive for the customer. However, we will locate the most reliable and cost-effective shipping option before processing your order. For orders of 20 cases or less, we have found the USPS both reliable and cost-effective to deliver your order to a non-US destination.

9) Would you recommend Coyote Camp Meals for Vacations, Overseas Trips, and other Travel Events?

Yes, we would. Definitely. Coyote Camp Meals are ideal for non-emergency applications as well as Fire and Emergency responses. Whether you’re planning a road-trip or a back-country journey, we consider Coyote Camp Meals an ideal meal opportunity for travel because they are easy to pack and carry, and they are nutritious and easy to eat.

10) Which of the Coyote Camp Meals weighs the least?

Our newest meal line, the Caveman Meal, is without question our lightest weight meal. The Caveman Meal contains only dried and dehydrated food product, no liquids. If lightweight and nutrient-dense are the most important factors for you, the Caveman Meal, at 11 oz., is your ideal meal.

11) Which Coyote Camp Meals have the most calories?

The Coyote Camp Super Meals contain the most calories per meal ( 1400-1600 calories). We doubled up on the entrée quantity at the special request of a Hot Shot Fire Crew here in Colorado.

12) Is Coyote Camp only for Fire Fighters?

Coyote Camp was developed by Fire Fighters, for Fire Fighters, and is widely used in the Fire and Emergency Services. Our products are developed to meet the rigorous conditions present on any Fireline. We believe this makes Coyote Camp meals uniquely suited to other non-emergency applications including Travel, Backcountry, and Sportsman uses.

13) How quickly does Coyote Camp process orders?

Once we receive your order, it leaves our dock within 24-72 hours via UPS Ground, USPS, or Common Carrier.

14) Who do you use as Shipper?

We primarily use UPS on orders less than pallet quantity (36 cases). However, if you have a P.O. Box listed as your shipping address, we use the USPS. For pallet-plus orders, Common Carrier services are used based on Carrier Coverage to the Destination area. In all shipping transactions, tracking information is provided to you, the Customer, should you wish to track your order.

15) Does Coyote Camp have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Customer satisfaction is paramount to good customer relations — the essence of small business. If you, our Customer are dissatisfied with Coyote Camp Fireline Chow products due to the product arriving defective or damaged, it is our duty to do what we can to make it right. We will gladly replace the damaged or defective product, or provide a full refund when notified within 15 days of product delivery.